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Female Valuers and House Clearance offer a complete House Clearance service throughout Buckinghamshire (Bucks). We have many years of experience working with Home Owners, Executors & Estate Agents, and we have a good understanding of what is expected of us. We are also very pleased that we regularly hear from our customers to say we exceeded their expectations, which you can see from our house clearance customer testimonials here.

We can professionally assess your property, discuss your particular requirements and provide you with a free quotation. Whether you need the full service for a house clearance in Buckinghamshire, want to clear your loft or cellar, vacate an office or empty your garage or shed in the Bucks area, we’re here to help you.

Cheaper Property Clearing Service Buckinghamshire

You’ll find that using a House Clearance service in Buckinghamshire is often far more affordable than hiring expensive skips and having to put in all that time and effort required to fill them. Skip permits are probably required if you are unable to have the skip placed off-road, and the cost of these, along with the charges for the skips themselves, soon adds up. And you may well be surprised by just how many skips you’re going to need.

Environmentally Friendly House Clearance Service

We’re very conscientious when it comes to the recycling of household items. 80% of all the items we clear from properties are recycled. We don’t like the idea of just throwing things away, so if we can find new homes for them, that’s what we’re going to do.

Probate Valuations in Buckinghamshire

We also provide our Probate Valuation service in Buckinghamshire to Solicitors, Executors of wills and Home Owners as required. Our Probate Valuations are prepared in accordance with HM Revenue and Customs and can be used to ascertain if IHT (Inheritance Tax) is payable on an estate.

Help With House Clearance in Buckinghamshire

Sometimes, the task of clearing a property can be really overwhelming. Whilst you know it has to be done, getting started is usually the hardest step. You may need to clear the property of a loved one who has passed or need to downsize your property. These can be emotional times for us all, but we are here to help. We offer a One to One House Clearance service to guide and assist you through every step, all with a feminine touch. You won’t be left to do this alone.

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